Premium Hand Painted Canvas Backdrops for Photography

Presenting MIZU Backdrops, handcrafted to perfection. Each drop is painted by seasoned artists with high quality materials for a timeless touch that your pictures deserve. Choose from our select inventory or get a custom canvas backdrop painted.


Baby Photography Backdrops

Baby Photography Backdrops

Fashion Photography Backdrops

Vani bhojan

Food Photography Backdrops

Food Photography Backdrop


Anbu jawahar

Anbu jawahar


As someone who is passionate about Portraits, I was thrilled when I used MIZU backdrops. Not only are they impressive in terms of colors, but their texture is so cool that it reflects light in a unique way. My vote is for MIZU.

Amar Ramesh

Amar Ramesh


Backdrops play a major role in the quality of a portrait. I love the variety that MIZU offers, and also the customization part where we get what we envision. The products, service and the team – thoroughly satisfying.



Conneticut Headshots

Handcrafted to perfection, each backdrop is painted by seasoned artists with high-quality materials for a timeless touch that your pictures deserve. I have been getting rave reviews about my portraits online and offline. 

Need a Custom Canvas Backdrop?

Buy Canvas Backdrops Online

If you are looking for backdrops online shopping, then you have come to the right place! Any search for the Best Canvas Backdrop in India ends with Mizu.

Welcome to the world of Mizu Backdrops. We create innovative studio backdrops that help you capture those beautiful moments and delight your customers. We believe that a canvas backdrop plays a major role in elevating the output of the photo whether it is fashion photography, baby photography or food photography.  We are your one stop designation for endless search on backdrops for photography.

 Our Fashion photography backdrops are trusted by experts all over the world, right from industry veterans who are trusted by actors and fashion icons. Our Baby photography backdrops are Wrinkle-free and are easy to clean taking the pain away from you so that you focus on capturing those innocent smiles. Our Food photography backdrops will protect you from accidental spillage and increase the lifetime of your canvas backdrops. 

 All our backdrops are Handpainted by seasoned artisans with the utmost care and dedication. Whether it is portrait photography or fashion photography, we have the perfect backdrop for you. We are known as the creators of the best backdrops for photographers by experts.

 All our products are available online and you’ll find that it’s easy to buy canvas backdrops online. Our size guides will help you decide whether to go in for a Small size backdrop or a Medium size backdrop, ensuring you end up with the best backdrop for your studio.

 So go ahead, take the plunge! You really can’t go wrong, every Mizubackdrop comes with an assured durability guarantee of 1 year.